Dallas To Finally Honor Jimmie And Stevie Ray Vaughan – The Dallas Morning News

A conceptual rendering of Casto Solano’s artwork honoring Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan that will go in Kiest Park if approved by the City Council.

Dallas, finally, is about to have its own Vaughan memorial installed in Kiest Park, blocks from where Stevie Ray and big brother Jimmie grew up on Glenfield Avenue. But unlike the Austin model, Dallas’ sculpture will honor both brothers. It makes sense: Stevie was the superstar, but it was Jimmie who taught him how to play.

The Cultural Arts Commission will vote on Spanish artist Casto Solano‘s commission Thursday, before it heads to the Park and Recreation Board and the City Council. This is how the city officially describes it: “The proposed sculpture consists of four corten steel framed screens with images of Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan cut into the metal. Each panel will show images of the Vaughan Brothers’ lives, including photos/stills of both brothers and their song lyrics.”

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