Jimmie Vaughan Remembers Brother Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Sweetness’ – Rolling Stone

Jimmie Vaughan paid an emotional tribute to his younger brother Stevie Ray Vaughan at Saturday’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Afterward, he spoke with Rolling Stone about his brother’s gentle personality and competitive spirit. Here is an excerpt:

When you were up there you said it was important to talk about Stevie Ray the person. Why was it important to talk about that aspect of his life?

Because most people know he was an incredible guitar player and a great musician and a singer and he wrote songs and he was a great performer. Everybody knows all that, which is absolutely amazing. But what they may not know is that he was a sweet guy and he would do anything for you, and that was just the way he always was.

What’s one of your strongest memories of your brother?

Oh, there are so many. He could just play so much harder than everybody. … If he was trying to beat you onstage, if he couldn’t beat you he would pull out Albert King licks and Jimi Hendrix licks, and then usually people would just give up.

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