When Stevie Ray Vaughan First Met Albert King

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Jimmie Vaughan talked about how his brother Stevie Ray first met Albert King. “When Stevie was 19, we were at (Austin blues club) Antone’s and Albert King was playing. (Club owner Clifford Antone) says to Albert you’ve got to let this kid play, because he’s (amazing).”

“Now Albert had heard it all, but he got Stevie up there, and Stevie commenced doing Albert King licks. There was silence at first. Everyone stood there with their mouths open. They couldn’t believe it. But Albert loved it. He put his arm around him, and from then on it was Albert and Stevie. Everybody went, ‘Whew, that was scary.’ I would never have tried that, but you’ve got to admire the audacity.”

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